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What Are the Hottest Communications Topics for 2017?

Every year I develop an editorial calendar for my own research projects. The intent is to provide thought-provoking material that is useful to my clients, and to do so in a variety of formats. To set the 2017 calendar, I polled a small number of trusted colleagues, asking them for their input on topics that […]

You Might Even Win a Free Book

Are you a Goodreads reader? If not, you may be wondering exactly what Goodreads is. It is a web site that serves as a communications channel between authors and their readers. You can post your thoughts about books you’ve read, add “Friends”, and “Follow” authors (like me — hint, hint). It gives readers the opportunity […]

See You on June 18

If you are in the Washington, D.C., area, I hope you can come out and say hello on Saturday, June 18. I’ll be one of the featured authors at the Loudoun County (Virginia) Library’s “Eat Local, Read Local” event. The day is a celebration of authors of both non-fiction and fiction works. I’ll be more […]

News Flash!!! Exclamation Points Do Not Make You a Better Writer!!!

Writing is a tricky craft, one that is cultivated slowly and carefully over many years (with lots of bad prose along the way, to be sure). There are many paths to improvement. Join a writer’s circle. Send drafts of your material to trusted peers. Attend a writing workshop. Or, best of all I’m convinced, make […]

No, I Won’t Excuse Your Typos

You’ve gotten them, too. Those e-mail missives and text messages with typos and autocorrects that create unintended consequences — sometimes hilarious, sometimes ribald, sometimes highly inappropriate in a business context. In an effort to excuse themselves, some writers include a bit of text along the lines of, “Please pardon misspellings. Sent from my mobile device.” […]