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Five Minutes with Your Member of Congress

One of the best ways of advancing your public policy agenda is to make your company’s voice heard on Capitol Hill. What better way to do that than to conduct a Washington fly-in? Yes, let your grassroots advocates plead your case to their members of Congress. Spring not only brings the cherry blossoms to our […]

A Reporter Asks You, “What Did You Think of the Debate?”

Much of America will be glued to the collective television next Monday evening for the first of three presidential debates. The water cooler talk the next day will no doubt be fast and furious (though let’s hope that, given today’s political climate, the fury doesn’t get too far out of hand). Have you given any […]

The Basics of Communications: A Review

The start of 2016 is as good a time as any to review some basics when it comes to communicating with reporters, policymakers, and audiences of any sort. Let’s begin with a few thoughts to improve your media relations capabilities: Anticipate your key issues and construct solid messages for them; Role play with those individuals […]

March = Capitol Hill Fly-ins

March is nearly upon us. The month is a popular one for organizations to petition their elected officials by holding Washington, D.C., fly-ins. As a refresher, let’s reprise a post from last year that covered the basics. You can find a complete listing of writings on the subject here: If you are more of a visual […]

Taking Your Communications Training Consultant for a Test Drive

My wife and I went new car shopping a few days ago. Not that we need a new car. We simply thought that better mileage (and the possibility of lower payments) would be nice. We took a few models for a test drive. The decision is still to be made as we weren’t bowled over […]

Successful Capitol Hill Fly-ins: The Video

The Washington D.C. fly-in is a time-honored tradition for many organizations. That’s why I’ve produced a brief video on how to navigate these important business meetings.   The cold, hard fact is if your members look bad because they are unprepared during their Hill visits, your job security could be in jeopardy. How can you […]

Maintaining the Momentum After a Washington Fly-in

Today wraps up our ongoing series to help you advance your public policy success when conducting Washington, D.C., fly-ins with your employees and members. Once a round of Capitol Hill visits is complete, your grassroots advocates return to their sometimes humdrum workaday world. Before that happens, coordinate your follow up actions and next steps. This […]