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Tricks of the Reporter’s Trade

Reporters are grateful when you prove helpful. They have stories to write, bylines they want to see in print, and editors and news directors to please. But it is naïve to suggest there is not another side to this coin. They thrive on conflict. After all, that is what sells newspapers, generates online clicks, and garners TV […]

How James Comey Can Help You

The hubbub surrounding last week’s testimony of former FBI Director James Comey before the Senate Intelligence Committee rivaled that of John Dean, Anita Hill, and Oliver North in the pantheon of Congressional hearings. I don’t intend to pose an exhaustive review here. Rather, let’s use the spotlight his hearing focused on the Hill to examine […]

How Often Do You Deal with Q&A?

Day in and day out, smart, business-savvy corporate executives answer questions from reporters, public officials, and audiences of various stripes and sizes. Amazingly, however, few have given thought to what they can do to properly manage their responses. We are taught from an early age to reply literally. Does the phrase, “Honesty is the best […]