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The Three Keys to Great Presentations: Take One

It has been a while since we last visited The Three Keys to Great Presentations. This seems like a good time to review this basic yet important method. What is the thinking behind this system? Early in my consulting career, I noticed that executives were sometimes overwhelmed when it came to sharpening their communications abilities. […]

Public Speaking Disaster Averted

It could have been a speechmaker’s disaster. I first got a sense of this when asked to lead a presentation skills workshop for four panelists—scientific researchers slated to share findings and opinions with an audience of their peers. When preparing to lead such projects, I always ask for copies of the presentations well ahead of […]

Five FAQs About Public Speaking

As I go about my rounds, I hear lots of questions about the art of public speaking. Here are some of the most common queries, complete with answers. I don’t like speaking in public. Do I have to do it? Of course not. We all have different strengths and preferences. If you hate the limelight, […]

Back to Basics: The First Key to Great Presentations

Early in my consulting career, I noticed some confusion among my clients (no, this is beyond the confusion I managed to induce in that long ago time). The confusion was this: Those who wanted to sharpen their communications edge found the idea complex, believing there was too much to learn. They needed a system that […]

Keep the Audience on Your Side

I cannot emphasize often enough the value of ongoing professional development. Successful executives understand the need to enhance their knowledge, skills, and competence on a continuing basis. This applies to many areas, including public speaking abilities. Let’s examine the value of Preparation – the first of the Three Keys to Great Presentations™. Legendary comedian W.C. […]

To Toastmaster or Not?

I recently ran across a page on the Toastmasters web site titled, “90 Tips from Toastmasters.” I’m often asked what I think of this group. My answer? It’s a fine forum for practice, especially if you are relatively new to public speaking. All the same, there are some features with which I disagree. One troubling […]

When Things Go Wrong

Even the most carefully crafted communications plan can fall victim to the occasional kink. What can you do when things go wrong? Note well: If there is one guarantee when you speak in public or participate in interviews with reporters, it is that something, sometime, somewhere will go wrong. How can you minimize such problems […]