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Slide Show No-nos

Using slides during your presentations is strictly a matter of personal preference. If you find them useful in a particular situation and you feel comfortable with the equipment, great. If you are frightened by your laptop or simply don’t care for the technology, keep it out of your repertoire. Here is a handy list of […]

Public Speaking Disaster Averted

It could have been a speechmaker’s disaster. I first got a sense of this when asked to lead a presentation skills workshop for four panelists—scientific researchers slated to share findings and opinions with an audience of their peers. When preparing to lead such projects, I always ask for copies of the presentations well ahead of […]

Five FAQs About Public Speaking

As I go about my rounds, I hear lots of questions about the art of public speaking. Here are some of the most common queries, complete with answers. I don’t like speaking in public. Do I have to do it? Of course not. We all have different strengths and preferences. If you hate the limelight, […]

Don’t Get Lost in Techno Limbo

Technology can be your friend. Or it can work against you. Have you ever noticed how some people tend to get bogged down with the bells and whistles when they speak in public? I recall one presentation skills training workshop that drove the point home. The project involved teaching a handful of leading experts who […]

The (Not So) Wonderful World of Webinars

I’m not a big fan of webinars. Sure, they can be useful for technical types of training. However, I’ve never found them useful for my purposes in aiding clients in need of a magnetic message and the communications skills to deliver it. With that bias acknowledged, I admit that I do try them out every […]

The Media Training Marketplace: Your Options

I get plenty of questions about communications training generally and media training specifically. Some come from the simply curious (“What exactly do you do?”), others from potential clients (“How much does it cost?”). Today’s treatise examines the client side. It all boils down to the fact that prospective clients are curious about their options in […]

More than Talking Pretty

One of the hardest things to get across about communications training is how it feeds into the end game. A good program means more than learning how to talk to reporters, deliver presentations, or offer persuasive Congressional testimony. While all those things are important, every one of those communications efforts feeds into (or at least […]