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I Command You to Look Natural

One of the hardest things for public figures to do is to look natural when someone tells them, “Look natural.” For proof, look no further than a recent photo of the GOP presidential candidates that appeared in The Washington Post. Every one of these public figures is accustomed to the spotlight’s glare. They deliver high-powered […]

Sharpen Your Media Interview Style

Everyone has her or his own unique style. Some people come across as friendly, others as authoritative, for example. Different styles work for different people. I do not suggest that you change the way you operate when you are interviewed by a reporter. Playing to your strengths has already made you a success in your […]

Professional Service Firms Deserve Champagne and Caviar Results

Most professional service firms don’t have the luxury of a champagne and caviar marketing budget. Still, it’s tough to be heard above the flutter of dollar bills large practices dole out when marketing their products and services. Many have been forced to act intuitively, not having the wherewithal to afford the same level of expertise […]

The Art of Articulation

One of your important nonverbal tools is articulation — the ability to speak clearly and understandably. I thought of this last weekend while watching my local Washington, D.C., television newscast. I got to wondering why certain weathercasters have such a difficult time with the word temperature. It’s a common, unassuming four-syllable word that they use […]

Clothes Make the Man or Woman

Appearance matters, and not just because Mom always said so. When you are face-to-face with a reporter, an audience, or a Member of Congress, you will be judged by your sartorial splendor or lack thereof. Indeed, wardrobe is one of the five Video tools you have at your disposal. A recent letter to the editor […]

To Tell the Truth

Many are the individuals who claim they can spot a liar. It’s gotten even worse with the advent of multiple TV cop shows that depict characters with superhuman powers of nonverbal acuity. Beware the self-proclaimed body language savant, for he may be lying to you. Oh, perhaps not intentionally in every case, but reports show […]

Move Along, Nothing New to See Here

Every now and then a study comes down the pike that is so obvious as to be laughable. Here’s the latest. A group of researchers from Harvard’s Department of Psychology have discovered that—get ready—people identify faces by gender and race. Yup, when we look at somebody we actually notice whether they are male or female, […]