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Now Accepting Your Gifts of Platinum

We all know that you receive silver on your 25th anniversary. What about the 20th? My curiosity is elevated by the fact that Barks Communications celebrates our 20th anniversary in business this week. The greeting card company Hallmark lists two options to commemorate 20 years. The traditional choice is china (I assume the dinnerware, not […]

Persuading Team Trump: The New Inside-the-Beltway Reality

Following is an excerpt from my latest position paper, “Persuading Team Trump The New Inside-the-Beltway Reality.” It was a scant two days after the 2016 presidential election. A friend and I had long ago planned to catch up over coffee. It just so happens that he handles government relations for a trade association. You can […]

What Are the Hottest Communications Topics for 2017?

Every year I develop an editorial calendar for my own research projects. The intent is to provide thought-provoking material that is useful to my clients, and to do so in a variety of formats. To set the 2017 calendar, I polled a small number of trusted colleagues, asking them for their input on topics that […]

19 Years and Counting

I hope you’ll permit me a moment for personal reflection and, okay, a bit of braggadocio. You see, it was 19 years ago—September 3, 1997, to be precise—that Barks Communications was born. In the ensuing years I’ve had the privilege of working with more than 5000 business leaders, association executives, thought leaders, physicians, performers, and […]

You Might Even Win a Free Book

Are you a Goodreads reader? If not, you may be wondering exactly what Goodreads is. It is a web site that serves as a communications channel between authors and their readers. You can post your thoughts about books you’ve read, add “Friends”, and “Follow” authors (like me — hint, hint). It gives readers the opportunity […]

New Publication Hits the Streets Today

Sooner or later, most businesses will fall victim to a cyberattack. Companies like Anthem and Target—even the Democratic National Committee—stand as testament. However, there has been little counsel available for executives who need to communicate in the midst of such an assault—until now, with the publication of my new position paper, “The Forgotten Fear Factor: […]

With All the Humility I Can Muster

What an honor. I’m pleased and proud to let you know that I’ve been named June Consultant of the Month by the authors of The Essential HR Handbook. Co-authors Sharon Armstrong and Barbara Mitchell wrote of the fact that I provide my “corporate and association clients with the messages and communications skills their executives need […]