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How James Comey Can Help You

The hubbub surrounding last week’s testimony of former FBI Director James Comey before the Senate Intelligence Committee rivaled that of John Dean, Anita Hill, and Oliver North in the pantheon of Congressional hearings. I don’t intend to pose an exhaustive review here. Rather, let’s use the spotlight his hearing focused on the Hill to examine […]

Make This Crisis Disappear

Some executives labor under the impression that communications experts can make a crisis go away. Would that it were true. While it’s nice to feel such confidence in our abilities, neither I nor any of my colleagues have a magic wand capable of such illusion. Oh, we may be able to help minimize its impact, […]

Is Your Message Missing Its Call to Action?

I’ve reviewed and sharpened plenty of organizational messages over the years. There are two critical elements I often find missing. One is context. More on that another time. Today we’re here to talk about the all-too-frequently missing call to action. A recent paper in the Stanford Social Innovation Review titled “Stop Raising Awareness Already” supports […]

Media Training in Stages: Creating a Map of Ongoing Improvement

A few weeks ago I wrote about the concept of “Media Training in Stages”—an approach that supports the view that an effective professional development program involves more than a one-off workshop. In previous articles, we discussed the importance of messaging and the value of simulated exercises in any media training workshop. Today we’ll examine another […]

Media Training in Stages

I recently sat down to swap business tales with a colleague who runs a marketing agency. It’s always good to gain the perspective of others, and I am most appreciative of those who are generous with their ideas; I try to reciprocate whenever possible. Sometimes they can really help crystallize nascent ideas or raise new […]

Persuading Team Trump: The New Inside-the-Beltway Reality

Following is an excerpt from my latest position paper, “Persuading Team Trump The New Inside-the-Beltway Reality.” It was a scant two days after the 2016 presidential election. A friend and I had long ago planned to catch up over coffee. It just so happens that he handles government relations for a trade association. You can […]

Shaping a Magnetic Message for the New Administration

How many times have you seen an executive flub an interview on CNBC? What about that presentation you attended where the speaker droned on and on, never getting to the heart of the matter? And, in our new political climate, how can you reconfigure your messages to gain the ear of the new administration? What […]