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Tricks of the Reporter’s Trade

Reporters are grateful when you prove helpful. They have stories to write, bylines they want to see in print, and editors and news directors to please. But it is naïve to suggest there is not another side to this coin. They thrive on conflict. After all, that is what sells newspapers, generates online clicks, and garners TV […]

Walk a Mile in the Reporter’s Shoes

A few weeks ago I wrote about the concept of “Media Training in Stages”—an approach that supports the view that an effective professional development program involves more than a one-off workshop. Today we examine the second stage: Gaining familiarity with the media. Getting Acquainted The more your media training workshop uncovers the rigors of a […]

How the New Administration’s Attacks on the Press Impact You

Alarm bells are ringing in some journalistic circles concerning the Trump administration’s broadsides against the press. I don’t do political commentary since my focus remains on media training and Congressional testimony preparation for corporate and association clients. Suffice to say our First Amendment rights need to remain sacrosanct. Leaving the politics for others, let us […]

There Are (Not) Two Sides to Every Story

Let us examine the old saw, “There are two sides to every story.” Every reporter worth his pen and notepad knows this to be untrue. Many issues have more than two sides. Consider the many viewpoints of those involved with a factory that sends wastewater into the local river. The company’s executives believe that its […]

Why Should Reporters Respect You?

Savvy media sources know the rules of the road. They know the value of making a reporter’s life easier (within proper professional bounds, of course). Those sources who come across as greenhorns run the risk of losing the reporter’s respect. Why does this matter? Those experts who are quoted time and again realize that it’s […]

Another Chapter in “What’s Journalism? What’s Not?”

The American Press Institute recently released results gleaned from a survey of more than 10,000 individuals with degrees in either communications or journalism. Some of the results don’t seem all that surprising. For instance, far more respondents believe the quality of the news they receive is declining. And I am heartened by the fact that, […]

The Changed Newsroom: Why You Need to Understand It

It’s not easy being a journalist. During my days as a reporter, I always appreciated sources who made my job easier. A useful perspective in many a media training workshop involves a primer on what a reporter’s day is like. Their challenges range from incredible deadline pressures to gruff editors to poor sources. There may […]