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How Much Risk Is Your Business Willing to Assume?

Your communications strategy and your message must be airtight when advocating in the court of public opinion. It’s risky business. Your reputation, your business goals…your very career…are at stake. Some internal communications teams are up to the job; some are not, due to anything from inexperience to incompetence to indifference. That’s why many larger businesses […]

An Ethical Approach to Media Training

Let’s talk ethics. Okay, it may not be the most enthralling topic. But it matters as a media source, as a buyer of communications training services, and to your consultant. One of the most egregious ethical lapses takes place among those who try to do communications consulting while also claiming journalistic credentials. I cannot shout […]

Why Your PR Agency Needs a Media Training Consultant on Call

I understand the rigors of the day-to-day agency whirlwind—demanding clients, unforgiving deadlines, and the constant pursuit of new revenues. There is a way to make life easier for agency principals and account teams when it comes to media training. Forging a relationship with an experienced communications training consultant puts you ahead of the pack. Think […]

Media Training in Stages: Creating a Map of Ongoing Improvement

A few weeks ago I wrote about the concept of “Media Training in Stages”—an approach that supports the view that an effective professional development program involves more than a one-off workshop. In previous articles, we discussed the importance of messaging and the value of simulated exercises in any media training workshop. Today we’ll examine another […]

Secure Your Reputational Insurance Coverage Now—Before You Need It

Once upon a time, I worked in the field of insurance regulation, so I know how important it is to get insurance coverage right. Your business has insurance for fire, cyberattacks, worker injury, and a laundry list of other things. But are you insured in the event of a communications crisis that threatens your treasured […]

Shaping a Magnetic Message for the New Administration

How many times have you seen an executive flub an interview on CNBC? What about that presentation you attended where the speaker droned on and on, never getting to the heart of the matter? And, in our new political climate, how can you reconfigure your messages to gain the ear of the new administration? What […]

The Media Training Marketplace: Your Options

I get plenty of questions about communications training generally and media training specifically. Some come from the simply curious (“What exactly do you do?”), others from potential clients (“How much does it cost?”). Today’s treatise examines the client side. It all boils down to the fact that prospective clients are curious about their options in […]