Why Your PR Agency Needs a Media Training Consultant on Call

I understand the rigors of the day-to-day agency whirlwind—demanding clients, unforgiving deadlines, and the constant pursuit of new revenues.

There is a way to make life easier for agency principals and account teams when it comes to media training. Forging a relationship with an experienced communications training consultant puts you ahead of the pack. Think about it. You may need to call on his services only once a month or once a year. That’s okay. The expertise is yours only when need arises.Collaboration dictionary

I can’t speak for other consultants. What I can tell you is that there are many ways your agency and your clients benefit when we collaborate on your media training projects:

  • Save precious budget dollars by not hiring unnecessary full-time employees.
  • Reinforce client loyalty by providing training services your competitors already offer.
  • Increase your overall revenues by featuring media training as a routine part of your service offerings.
  • I sometimes hear about opportunities that don’t fall within my purview. If they are a good fit for your agency, you’ve got a referral coming your way.
  • Avoid last minute scrambling to secure a media training solution.
  • Get persuasive, unbranded language about media training to include in your proposals.
  • Win access to learning materials like my book The Truth About Public Speaking: The Three Keys to Great Presentations and the media relations guide Face the Press with Confidence: The Media Interview Companion.
  • Take advantage of a fresh perspective to help your clients’ messaging.
  • Deal more effectively with difficult clients—those with communications or personality quirks they need to work on. You may be uncomfortable delivering that news since you’d like to keep their business. Tell me what the issues are. I’ll find a way to get them out in the open. Your fingerprints will never be visible.
  • Aid your staff’s professional development thanks to a free lunch and learn session.
  • Ensure you have expert access when needed by keeping me on retainer.

Oh, don’t forget. It saves you money and heightens client loyalty.

What other advantages have you found when working with media training consultants? Add your thoughts to this list in the comments section below. And don’t hesitate to contact me with your questions, or to arrange a time to talk media training for your clients.



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