Why Should Reporters Respect You?

Savvy media sources know the rules of the road. They know the value of making a reporter’s life easier (within proper professional bounds, of course).

Those sources who come across as greenhorns run the risk of losing the reporter’s respect. Why does this matter? Those experts who are quoted time and again realize that it’s all about establishing relationships. Once you gain the journalist’s trust, you stand a good chance of being an ongoing source. Instead of constantly pitching reporters, they will call on you for comment when their stories touch your issues.

I’ve outlined your media rights and responsibilities to give you a leg up on your media relations efforts. This video will also provide a few pointers.

You may well have other advice to lend, so add your words of wisdom in the comments section.

Interested in learning more about your media rights and responsibilities? Get in touch with me to start the conversation.


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