With All the Humility I Can Muster

What an honor. I’m pleased and proud to let you know that I’ve been named June Consultant of the Month by the authors of The Essential HR Handbook.

Co-authors Sharon Armstrong and Barbara Mitchell wrote of the fact that I provide my “corporate and association clients with the messages and communications skills their executives need on a daily basis in order to help persuade and inform their publics. As a result, they gain an enhanced reputation, greater confidence, more opportunities for career advancement, and achievement of long-term business goals.”

Loving cup

Being recognized by Sharon Armstrong and Barbara Mitchell is a big deal. Why? They truly understand the need for ongoing professional development for today’s executives and recognize the value of sharpening one’s communications edge. It is a privilege to be associated with them.

You can visit their web site at www.trainersandconsultants.net.

Lifelong learning is vital for C-suite and other executives, particularly when it comes to improving their communications skills. No deal gets done, no media interview gets aced, no public policy goal is achieved if that critical communications element is missing.

A big thank you to Sharon and Barbara. I am humbled.


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