Sunday Morning Talkers

Watching the Sunday morning talk shows (“Meet the Press” et al) can be an exercise in frustration. There are occasional bursts of honesty, yet the main style seems to favor spin.

I’m not suggesting you need to blindly follow a reporter’s off-point or hostile line of questioning. But there is an art to guiding the interview back onto turf you choose to tread upon. Part of that process involves acknowledging the reporter’s question, then bridging to the message you are committed to delivering.

Video camera

The bull in the china shop approach doesn’t work. You wind up looking like:

  • A rude individual who doesn’t give a darn about issues real people want to talk about
  • An amateur who has failed to learn basic communications strategy
  • A nitwit incapable of mentally processing a simple question

Spin is a sin. Your next media interview may not occur under the bright spotlight of the Sunday morning talkers. No matter. In any interview, you need to acknowledge every question and skillfully build that bridge to your desired message.



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