Live Interviews and News Conferences

Looking for more tips on how to perform in your dealings with the press? Try out these morsels:

  1. Control the flow during a news conference. You choose who asks questions in what order.
  2. Do not allow your news conference to drag on endlessly. Set your time limit and stick to it.
  3. Assign one person the task of concluding your news conference. A simple, “thank you ladies and gentlemen,” sends a signal to the press that the session is over.
  4. Use index cards if you bring notes for a radio talk show interview. The microphones will pick up the rustling noise made by plain paper.Old radio
  5. Arrange for a colleague or family member to record your radio or TV interview. That way, you know you’ll have a copy for your archives. If that is not an option, however . . .
  6. Ask the station for a recording of your interview (note: Do this only if you are unable to record it yourself). Station personnel may or may not be able to honor your request, but it can’t hurt to ask.
  7. Drink water during your interview. Coffee, tea, or juice will dry your mouth.
  8. Ignore all the hustle and bustle if you do an in studio radio or television interview. Keep your focus on delivering your message.
  9. Determine whether your media training consultant customizes each training exclusively for you or offers only cookie cutter approaches. You have only one guess as to which approach best benefits your organization.
  10. Maintain a positive attitude. Your approach goes a long way toward determining the success of your media campaign.

What’s missing, based on your experience? Add your ideas to this list.


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