With Props to Meat Loaf

Two out of three ain’t bad. So sang Meat Loaf in his 1980s ballad. But two out of three ain’t necessarily good when it comes to sharpening your public speaking abilities.

The vast majority of presenters—and presentation skills training consultants, for that matter—focus only on the first two of the Three Keys to Great Presentations, Preparation and Performance. Sadly, most neglect the vital third key—Assessing Feedback.

Measuring how you performFeedback bubbleed is vital to your continued improvement as a speaker. Why? Because better speakers get better results. They persuade more people more readily. They are more effective educators. They rise to the top of the corporate ladder. They win the respect of their colleagues and competitors. You may have a different goal in mind. Regardless, those who climb to leadership roles tend to be effective presenters.

And effective presenters tend to work with an experienced communications consultant. Just as the first chair in the orchestra is won by the violinist who absorbs the master’s teachings year after year, the standout communicator gains knowledge from a trusted advisor who can sharpen her speaking skills over time.

Let me ask you what steps you routinely take to assess your public speaking performance.


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