Finding the Right Communications Training Consultant

When seeking communications training advice, you have several choices. For instance, what are the advantages of a corporate-owned global agency vs. your internal staff? What about a mid-size agency vs. a generalist? And where does Barks Communications fit into the mix? Check out this chart to get a better handle on your alternatives.

Barks Communications vs. others Barks Global agency Mid-size agency Solo PR generalist Internal Staff
Thorough communications knowledge Yes Yes Yes ? ?
Dedicated and experienced communications training experts Yes ?
Good fit for Fortune 1000, Inc. 500 Yes Yes ?
Good fit for large associations Yes Yes ?
Rapid response time Yes Yes ? Yes ?
Project-based, not hourly, metered, fees Yes ? ? ?
Sustained attention to enhance your professional development Yes ? ? ? Yes
Custom-tailored program that suits your needs Yes ? ? Yes
Flexibility Yes ? Yes Yes Yes
Message refinement capabilities Yes Yes ? ? ?
Regular access to senior communications experts Yes ? ? ? ?
Media/public speaking experience Yes ? ? ? ?
Ethical guidelines Yes ? ? ? ?
Ability to offer straight talk to your senior executives Yes ? ? ? ?
Commitment to client privacy Yes ? ? ? Yes

For more details—and a list of questions you should ask your prospective consultant, check out “A Buyer’s Guide to Communications Training Consultants.” Call Ed Barks at (540) 955-0600 and discuss your specific situation.



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