How Leading Attorneys Attain Quotable Quotes

Media interviews, public presentations, and legislative testimony demand memorable and powerful quotes. By adding some spice, attorneys can make any message stand out above the competition. Here are a few favorite methods for crafting quotable quotes that can help you in the court of public opinion:

  1. Stories—Just like in the courtroom, telling an unforgettable tale makes your message much more memorable.
  2. Numbers—Help your listeners size up your message with mental pictures of millions, dozens, fractions, and percentages.Barrister
  3. Vivid Words—Color your language with action words and phrases that judges and juries can readily recall.
  4. Analogies—Bring clear pictures to the mind’s eye with these comparisons.
  5. Extremes—Talk about your legal firsts and bests (and of experiences you’ve had with the last or the worst).
  6. Case histories—Mention true to life cases that have affected you, your clients, and your practice.
  7. Third party endorsements—Offer testimonials from delighted clients.
  8. Topics du Jour—Sprinkle your conversation with references to current events and the latest in movies, TV, music, and sports.
  9. Famous Quotes—Employ words of wisdom from well-known legal minds and others you admire.
  10. Ju Jitsu—Quote rival lawyers when they speak well of you.
  11. Calls to Action—Urge readers and viewers to call your office or visit your web site.
  12. Humor— No, you don’t need to tell lawyer jokes, but if humor works for you, use it.

Are you an attorney in private practice? An in house counsel? Public defender? No matter your speciality, what advice do you have to add?


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