A Dozen Designs to Raise Your CEO’s Profile

Some executives have natural panache. Take the late Jack Valenti, the charismatic former president of the Motion Picture Association of America. He will forever serve as a role model when it comes to connecting and communicating.

The fact is many leaders lack Valenti’s flash. If this is true of your CEO, your organization is paying the price—in lower revenues, losses in the public policy arena, and a dearth of interest in your initiatives, to cite just a few examples.

How do you coax your boss to move from avoidance to acceptance? Use these dynamic dozen techniques designed to heighten communications success:

Media opportuTin can stringnities:

  1. Target your opportunities carefully.
  2. Understand which type of media best suits your leader.
  3. Make sure your CEO grasps the difference between live and taped interviews.
  4. Heighten impact by saving your CEO for key interviews.

Presentation opportunities:

  1. Target your audiences carefully.
  2. Position your CEO as an opinion leader.
  3. Make sure that all speeches are rich in your main messages.
  4. Block a chunk of your president’s time and toss questions at him or her, simulating a real audience.

Testimony opportunities:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the committee before which your CEO will testify.
  2. Insist that your communications team draft your CEO’s oral statement separately from the formal, written testimony.
  3. Sharpen your oral statement to a fine point.
  4. Leverage your CEO’s congressional testimony so that it resonates beyond the walls of the hearing room.

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