Quotable Quotes, Q&A Techniques, and “No Comment”

It’s back. More from my series “Hot 100 Media Tips.” Catch the entire series by signing up to follow The Media Training Blog in the column to your right.

  1. Speak in language that is quotable. Don’t make reporters work hard to get your story in print and on the air. After all, you’re the one who wants the ink; help them get it for you.
  2. Bridge to your message in response to each challenging question. Think of your message as your “safe harbor” when the questioning gets tough.Bridge
  3. Be prepared with strategic bridging phrases. Some suggestions: “It’s also important to remember,” and, “let’s focus on the big picture.”
  4. Flag your most important ideas with flagging phrases like, “the most important thing,” or, “If your listeners remember one thing, let it be this.”
  5. Give the reporter a sneak peek into the area you want to discuss next. The sneak peek entices the reporter to ask a question you want to address.
  6. Deliver the sneak peek with a phrase such as, “I can give you plenty of examples,” or, “that’s not the end of that story.”
  7. Deflect questions that are hostile or off-point. Just because someone asks you a question does not mean you need to answer it.
  8. Never, ever say “no comment” to a reporter. You might as well wave a red cape in a bull ring.
  9. Shun that old ruse of claiming a reporter took your words “out of context.” This is a sure sign of an amateur media source at work.
  10. Emphasize the positive throughout your interview. Steer clear of negative language.

TIme for you to weigh in. How have you used these or similar techniques to earn media for your business?


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