Reputational Risk: Your Move

Today marks the final installment in our series of excerpts from the position paper “Beyond the Bottom Line: 20 Ways to Reduce Reputational Risk.” Download the entire paper where you can also take a look at the 20 reputational risk scenarios capable of helping you cope with a variety of situations.


This work makes no claim to be the end-all and be-all in the area of reputational risk. That is why the case studies are laden with resources that go the heart of each specific crisis. In addition, you will find further resources in the appendix if you desire a deeper dive.

As with all Barks research, my hope is that this labor will serve as a springboard for civil, reasoned, intelligent (and yes, sometimes impassioned) discussion. Read, ponder, synthesize, and discuss the 20 case studies. Then (and here’s the important part), act!

What specific steps can you take?

  • Use the paper as a guide to help your company and its people chart your course.
  • Submit your examples for use in a future edition of the paper.
  • Share this blog post with colleagues, both external and internal.
  • Suggest this as a program topic at a professional society to which you belong.
  • Open discussions with your executives, especially if you currently lack a reputational risk plan.

Now it is up to you. I wish you success as you tread the path of avoiding and deflecting reputational risk. As you take the journey, I invite you to share your experiences here. Let’s make this an ongoing growth experience.


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