Sharpen Your Media Interview Style

Everyone has her or his own unique style. Some people come across as friendly, others as authoritative, for example. Different styles work for different people.

I do not suggest that you change the way yFaces question markou operate when you are interviewed by a reporter. Playing to your strengths has already made you a success in your chosen field. Still, you can improve if you build upon the communications skills that got you where you are today. What about those communications skills you find challenging? Work on those over the long term as part of your lifelong learning strategy.

One good method for maximizing your performance is to assess your strengths and challenges. Determine the style that works for you—a style that makes your audience, through the reporter, take action when they hear your story.

Why not get started now? Make a list of your strengths as a communicator. Focus hard on these, for that is where you will see the quickest and easiest improvement. Next, list your communications challenges, and commit to confronting them over time.

Need a handy guide? Check out “How Important Are Nonverbal Signals?” for a rundown.


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