Beyond the Bottom Line: 20 Ways to Reduce Reputational Risk

Today we inaugurate a series of excerpts from my newly published position paper “Beyond the Bottom Line: 20 Ways to Reduce Reputational Risk.” You can download the entire paper right now, and don’t forget to take a look at the 20 reputational risk scenarios.


Reputational risk is regarded as the greatest threat to a company’s market value, according to a 2004 study by PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Economist Intelligence Unit.

In addition, reputational risk is the toughest menace of all to handle according to 92 percent of companies, reports Insurance Journal in an article published July 23, 2013.

This begs the question, what do you need to do to avoid or, in certain cases, minimize the reputational risk to your organization? The paper “Beyond the Bottom Line: 20 Ways to Reduce Reputational Risk,” offers solutions to help you when crisis strikes, for it truly is a matter of “when,” not “if.”Rep risk cover

The new resource offers solutions for 20 reputational risk situations in an effort to help you better manage crises that strike your organization.

Managing reputational risk has become an essential leadership skill for executives. Superb performance in this area presents opportunity for CEOs and chief communicators to earn their stripes. Indeed, some analysts have suggested that CEO pay be tied to reputation management.

What are the biggest reputational risk threats to your business? And how are you preparing to deal with them?


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