Professional Service Firms Deserve Champagne and Caviar Results

Most professional service firms don’t have the luxury of a champagne and caviar marketing budget. Still, it’s tough to be heard above the flutter of dollar bills large practices dole out whChampagneen marketing their products and services.

Many have been forced to act intuitively, not having the wherewithal to afford the same level of expertise as the big players. But in today’s challenging economic times, intuition is no longer good enough. It takes skill and expert execution if you want the marketplace to pay attention to your message.

For instance, a small firm could advance its enterprise by putting to use a number of sound communications techniques – the very same techniques used by the Fortune 500 and the major law, accounting, and consulting firms:

  • Practice in advance of every presentation and media interview. Whether it’s delivering your remarks before a video camera or reviewing your notes, rehearsal time is essential;
  • Know your audience. Some examples: If you are delivering a sales pitch, are you talking to the ultimate decision-maker or an information gatherer? If you stand up for 30 seconds and introduce yourself at a networking breakfast, what message could lure potential new customers in attendance? If you are to be interviewed by a reporter, have you researched articles she has written recently?
  • Ask colleagues to toss questions at you so that you are warmed up for your appearance;
  • Craft and commit to delivering a strong, coherent message;
  • Master your Video Tools and Audio Tools – your non-verbal communications talents;
  • Learn how to handle difficult questions your audience may pose.

From small law firms to independent business consultants; from established marketing firms to start up software developers, smaller firms must deliver sharp messages with skill and polish if they are to successfully swim with the big fish.

How can you ramp up your skills? By unlocking the secrets to sharpening their communications edge with the same key the huge conglomerates use. It is mandatory that leaders in small firms gain access to the knowledge that guides them toward delivering a sharp message to their potential customers.

The bottom line? Small enterprises need to communicate every bit as effectively as multinational corporations and huge international accounting and law practices. In order to thrive, entrepreneurs must demonstrate utmost confidence when delivering presentations, participating in media interviews, and appearing before public officials.

Let’s hear from you if you’re a principal in a professional services practice. When it comes to communications, how do you compete with the big boys?


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