Even More Media Relations Advice

TipReporters love good sources — experts who know their material and can dish it out in easily understandable sound bites. Are you striving to make it to the media major leagues? I’ve assembled a list of “Hot 100 Media Tips” to help you get there. You’ll find 10 of them here, with more to follow. Don’t run the risk of missing any of this series. Sign up to follow The Media Training Blog in the column to the right.


  • Search out insights on the individual reporters who cover your issue. Learn what beat they typically cover and how well they know your issue.
  • Respond in a timely manner to reporters’ inquiries. One of the easiest ways to get removed from a reporter’s rolodex is to reply late or not at all.
  • Read clips and view video of reporters who plan to interview you. This will lend to your understanding of their individual tastes and techniques.
  • Learn the different needs of print vs. radio vs. television reporters. Deadlines and quantity of information desired are two key separators.
  • Prepare for today’s new media environment by recognizing that some reporters may tweet or blog during your news conferences and other events.
  • Serve up answers that are concise and to the point. Don’t issue responses that are too short or too long.
  • Ask questions of others who have encountered the reporter before. Is there a particular technique he uses to try to squeeze information out of his subjects?
  • Study the difference between live and taped interviews. With live interviews, there are no edits. This means you and your message have a clear, unobstructed path.
  • Think in terms of your headline first. That’s how a reporter’s mind works. Cut to the chase right away.
  • Target your media opportunities. There are only so many hours in the day, so prioritize methodically.

Begin to put this counsel into practice during your next encounter with the press. And stay tuned for more in weeks to come.

Until then, why not chime in with your own favorite media relations tips?


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