It’s a Business Deal

Treat every interview with a reporter as a business deal. It is akin to buying anything from a loaf of bread to a new car. In those cases, the business deal involves an exchange of money. With a reporter, the business deal consists of an exchange of information (let’s just hope no dollars are changing hands). You are trading information as a commodity. You are the seller; the reporter is the buyer.

Thinking of each interview as a business deal will help you keep things on a professional plane, where they belong. Under no circumstance is it a good idea to take matters personally or let your anger show. Trust me, you will not win a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel or DVDs by the truckload.

Offer, Sale, Deal, Discount, Promotion, Price, Banner

Furthermore, emblazon this word on your brain when you agree to a media interview: Opportunity.

I emphasize the notion of opportunity time and again with my clients in media training workshops. Every interview is an opportunity to spread your message to a group of people you want to reach. You should not fixate on whether the reporter likes you or not. Frankly, that doesn’t matter. Remember, this is a business deal. It is your job to use the reporter as a vehicle to reach your intended audience. Each question gives you the chance to respond with your message. So grab that opportunity and run with it.

How has the notion of opportunity helped you in your media relations efforts?


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