Hot Media Relations Tips

Reporters love good sources — experts who know their material and can dish it out in easily understandable sound bites. Are you striving to make it to the media major leagues? I’ve assembled a list of “Hot 100 Media Tips” to help you get there. You’ll find the first 10 here, with more to come in future weeks. Stay tuned (better yet, sign up to follow The Media Training Blog in the column to the right).

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  1. Think of every interview as a business deal. In fact, given the reach of the media, it is a darn important business deal.
  2. Let opportunity be your watchword. Consider every interview as an important new step for you and your organization.
  3. Remain honest at all times. If you lie, you lose your credibility, and your days as a news source are done.
  4. Build professional relationships with reporters over time. Only then can you build the trust that makes you a reliable source.
  5. Don’t even think about picking a fight with someone who buys the proverbial ink by the barrel. Whether you like it or not, they—not you—have the last word.
  6. Be true to your own style. Learn from others, but don’t mimic anyone else.
  7. Maintain your professionalism. This is a must no matter how ruffled you feel.
  8. Practice, practice, practice to prepare for every interview. This is by far the best way to sharpen your skills.
  9. Insist upon a sustained media training program for all of your spokespeople. You are better positioned to achieve your organizational and career goals when everyone learns effective messaging and communications skills.
  10. Stage some mock interviews to prepare for the real thing. This is especially effective if your communications team includes a former reporter or two.

Visit again soon to gain more media relations tips in weeks to come. In the meantime, what reporter-friendly advice do you have to offer?


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