Client Confidentiality Comes First

Allow me to step aside from offering the usual communications training advice today. I still think you’ll find this post of value when you are next in the market for a consultant to help your spokespeople sharpen their communications edge.

You may have noticed that nowhere on The Media Training Blog or on my web site do you see me bragging about a client list dotted with the names of Fortune 1000 and Inc. 500 companies, major associations, and large professional service firms.

World, Continents, Confidential, Secret, Private, FontHere’s the reason: It’s a conscious commitment to my clients made when launching my consultancy in 1997. In my mind, client confidentiality is paramount. There are some executives who don’t want it known that they work with a communications training consultant. After all, we do deal with sensitive and proprietary issues in many an engagement.

Potential clients and fellow consultants sometimes look at me askance when they learn that I don’t issue a client list. The first question often is, “Doesn’t that hurt your ability to get new clients?” The answer is probably yes. So be it.

At the risk of sounding overly high-minded, I decided early on that I’m willing to take that hit if it means greater comfort for my clients.

What is your take on this approach — principled stance or just a guy tilting at windmills? And what is your comfort level with a consultant who uses your company’s good name to advance his or her business?


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