FAQ: Who needs communications training?

Throughout the course of 2015 I’ll be taking a crack at answering some of the questions I hear most frequently from clients (and prospective clients). Some of these posts will cover basic issues. Others will examine specific angles. The responses are designed to be rapid fire, with links to other sources to give you a deeper dive if you wish.

Let’s kick off the new year by dealing with the question, Who needs communications training?

Power, Know, Board, Learn, Note, Training, SkillsThe basic answer is anyone who faces your public. From the CEO to vice presidents and directors to product managers, everyone responsible for discussing your services, products, or public policy initiatives in public forums needs to be singing from the same page and in tune.

Your external audiences may consist of clients, customers, members, lawmakers, rivals, or other stakeholders. No matter who you target, everyone who represents the public face of your company can profit from a well organized communications training workshop, one that focuses on imbuing them with your message and granting them the communications skills they need to convey that message.

Who in your company has benefited from communications training? And what levels of executives should, in your view, receive such professional development opportunities?


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