Sneak Peek at 2015

I’m a firm believer in working smart. Sometimes that involves working hard (though I am skeptical of those who always make dramatic claims about their work lives being so incessantly busy). The fact is sometimes working smart involves dialing things back.

Sylvester, New Year'S Day, 2015, Midnight, AltjahrabendAs the holidays approach, now is one of those times. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, this time of year has become a secular holiday season. So let’s kick back and enjoy. That means a holiday hiatus for The Media Training Blog.

Don’t worry, I’ll be back in the new year with plenty of new insights into what it takes to become a go-to source for reporters, a sharper public speaker, and a fearless Congressional witness.

Here’s a sneak peek for loyal members of the community: January will witness the release of my next research report, this one using thoughts from loads of really smart people about what it takes to venture up to Capitol Hill, sit in the witness chair, and subject yourself to a grilling from members of Congress. So stay tuned in 2015.

Until next time, happy holidays.


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