Eleven Elements to Mold a Magnetic Message. Element Two: Construct

Following is an excerpt from the recent position paper, “Eleven Elements to Mold a Magnetic Message: How to Shape Your Story for the Press, Policymakers, and the Public.” We’ll discuss each of the Eleven Elements individually to help you get a better handle on each one. Today, let’s turn to Element Two, Construct.

Choice word and measured phrase, above the reach of ordinary men. – William Wordsworth

Just as there are many ways to create a great tasting recipe, there is no universal best way to cook up a magnetic message. You need an internal communications staff or an external consultant experienced in message development to lead your company through the process.

That said, the fact is many an organization’s messages lack two important legs. The first is context. We all tend to take our issues for granted since we deal with them day in and day out. Your target audience knows far less, so offer a framework to help them understand.

The second overlooked ingredient involves next steps. What do you expect your audience to do with your message? What call to action are you issuing? Unless your message is purely informational (a rarity), explain what you want them to do after consuming your quotes in a news article or listening to your speech.

How can you begin to use context and next steps as part of your next messaging endeavor?



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