Avoid the Assembly Line

Here’s another installment in our occasional series dedicated to those in need of communications training services for their organization’s executives.

It is wise to ensure that your training consultant custom tailors a workshop specifically for your organization, your executives, and your current hot issues. A manufacturer about to announce plant closures faces challenges different from an association suffering a lag in membership or a pharmaceutical company marketing a new drug, for example.

One way to scope out your prospective trainer’s philosophy on this matter is to listen. When you interview him, does he mention the PowerPoint slide deck he shows to each and every client? That is probably a sign of a cookie cutter approach. Does he tell you everyone will do television interviews during the training? Again, a bad sign if your plans include outreach only to the trade press.

Any communications consultant worth hiring has a variety of flexible learning modules he can adjust to fit your particular needs. For example, I have developed dozens of possible components over the years. Some I use frequently; others rarely. But I keep them all in my bag of tricks.

Make it a point to inquire what modules your potential trainer maintains. You will need only a fraction of them in any given workshop, but knowing what he has gives you a glimpse into his capabilities and tells you he devotes plenty of thought to your ongoing professional development.



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