Don’t Let the Wheels Fall Off

Your precious daughter’s birthday has arrived and you need to assemble her shiny, new bicycle. If you forget one step in those instructions and neglect to tighten one nut, her wheels will fall off and your adorable little princess winds up with skinned knees. She looks up at you with those big, doleful eyes wondering why she couldn’t trust you.

So it goes with your presentations. Fail to take note of even the tiniest aspect of your performance and you will end up with broken dreams, too. Plus, doubt will begin to creep in, leading you to question whether you can trust your speaking abilities. Don’t let it happen.

There are many aspects to your performance as a speaker—nonverbal signals, handling audience questions, and using presentation software, to name a few. Keep your eyes glued to The Media Training Blog for regular updates on how you can enhance your speaking performance.

Which elements of performance do you find most challenging? What advice can you offer your fellow members of our community?


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