Who Needs Another Technician?

Here’s another installment in our occasional series dedicated to those in need of communications training services for their organization’s executives.

Take particular heed of this piece of advice: Your training consultant does not need to be an expert in your field. I don’t care if your domain encompasses medicine, law, international trade, or any other discipline. You have plenty of experts on staff to deal with technical questions that may arise.

Your communications advisor takes on the role of your sherpa with regard to how your message will play in public and how to convey that message, not in the technical specs of your latest product. Yes, he should have an acquaintance with your issues. But remember, you are not bringing on board another set of hands to help you design your product or update your service. Rather, you are seeking expert counsel from someone with the knowledge to help you shape your message and translate it to your public.

To ensure your consultant keeps his learning up to date, don’t hesitate to inquire how he advances his professional development. What is the last workshop he attended? What about the last book he read? What books, training guides, articles, and videos has he produced? What research has he conducted? The cream of the crop researches, publishes, and presents findings regularly.

Your turn to comment. What other questions can help you smoke out the expert from the pretender?



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