Shaping Better Spokespeople

I’ve long been a firm believer in the need for lifelong learning when it comes to communications training. Sure, a lone media training or public speaking workshop will likely lead to improvement in most cases. But those who expect to become stellar communicators after one learning experience are fooling themselves. In the end, it is up to the workshop participants to advance their own learning over time. I try my best to help my clients along that journey. Some eagerly accept. Others are satisfied just to check the box and move along.

That’s why a formalized follow up program is valuable. It can be as simple as a 30-minute telephone checkup or as complex as a series of additional workshops designed to improve an executive’s ability to deal with the media, deliver presentations, or testify on Capitol Hill. The point is everyone—no matter how skilled—deserves a road map that helps them pursue their journeys toward becoming top notch speakers and media sources.

Unfortunately, too many fall into the one-and-done trap (this applies to the executives, their communications or public affairs staff, and their companies). When seeking communications training for your executives, be sure to compare your prospective consultants’ approaches to ongoing professional development. It can make a real difference in the success of your organization and its leaders over time.



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