What Situations Dictate the Need for a Communications Training Consultant?

Here’s another installment in our occasional series dedicated to those in need of communications training services for their organization’s executives.

Your company or association benefits from the services of an expert communications training consultant when contending with situations such as these:

  • Dealing with the media
  • Delivering presentations
  • Presenting legislative testimony to committees of Congress, the state legislature, or your city council
  • Appearing as a witness before a regulatory panel

Let us go a step deeper and list some of the events that could spark an onslaught of media interest:

  • Unveiling of a new corporate initiative
  • Hiring of a new CEO
  • Crisis situation
  • Product launch
  • Firing of your chief financial officer

Your need to steel your executives, board members, and issue experts to deliver presentations when they:

  • Pitch to a potential customer
  • Deliver an address to your trade association or professional society designed to catapult you into a leadership role
  • Translate technical jargon into lay language
  • Undertake a thought leadership campaign
  • Establish a campaign designed to raise the profile of your CEO

Your appearance as a witness before legislative and regulatory panels may stem from:

  • A desire to support a bill that directly affects your organization
  • Investigation into something your group did (or failed to do)
  • Regulatory oversight hearings
  • An attempt to block laws or rules unfavorable to your cause
  • Congress’ need for your specific expertise

What other circumstances has your organization faced that mandated your use of a communications training consultant?



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