Who Needs a Communications Training Consultant?

This is the first of an occasional series dedicated to those in need of communications training services for their organization’s executives.

The steady hand of a veteran communications training consultant helps to polish the reputations of organizations large and small. It also provides a needed professional development program for your executives. Most sophisticated organizations regularly draw on the expertise of experienced communications counselors.

There are several possible reasons for contracting with a consultant. Among them:

  • Your internal staff does not possess the knowledge, experience, or expertise necessary to advise senior executives.
  • Your team lacks the time needed to develop a training program.
  • Your executives need straight talk that your staff fears to deliver.
  • Your CEO needs an independent sounding board to help solve a vexing communications issue.
  • Your current communications team has proven incapable of producing long-term improvement in your organization’s messaging and spokesperson skill level.

While a reputable training consultant would never guarantee victory in the court of public opinion, he can empower you with the message and communications skills that tilt the odds in your favor.

Savvy organizations insist that their spokespeople undergo communications training on a regular basis. For some this means an annual refresher. Groups with a lot of irons in the fire need more frequent tune-ups for more people.

What has been your organization’s success rate when it comes to developing your executives’ communications skills on an ongoing basis?



  1. Many thanks, Ray. Here’s hoping fellow consultants find something they can use in their businesses.

  2. Well done, Ed. Targeted at a broad audience that may benefit from your services, and ends with a questions that will prompt a selling conversation! ray

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