Ten Rights and Responsibilities Newsmakers Need to Follow

Trained spokespeople know what to expect when being interviewed by a reporter. But some are not fully aware of the unofficial standards that exist.

That’s the reason for a new tip sheet titled “Your Media Rights and Responsibilities.” It catalogs the procedures that savvy experts and reporters observe.

Newsmakers need to follow the rules of the media relations road. When we drive, we need to stick to the speed limit and avoid going the wrong way down one-way streets. Similarly, when participating in interviews with reporters, a set of rules helps our message travel more smoothly.

Among the rights highlighted in the tip sheet:

  • Know the subject of the interview
  • Set time limits for the Q&A session
  • Ask clarifying questions during the exchange

The obligation for a successful interview runs both ways. Yes, news sources also have responsibilities to live up to in addition to rights. Those responsibilities include:

  • Remain honest
  • Respond in a timely manner
  • Maintain a sense of professionalism at all times

One cautionary note: A spokesperson must never enter into a media interview unaware of these rights and responsibilities. Companies that earn victory in the court of public opinion make sure their experts know and abide by these standards.

What other advice would you add to the list enumerated in “Your Media Rights and Responsibilities?”



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