Get Out of My Office

Today we cover some sage advice from “The CEO View: The Impact of Communications on Corporate Character in a 24×7 Digital World,” released recently by the Arthur W. Page Society.


One Fortune 50 CEO who responded to the society’s study reported that he banished his chief communications officer from company headquarters for three weeks immediately after his hiring. Brilliant.

This CEO believed that his top communicator needed a depth of knowledge about the overall organization that could not be attained comfortably ensconced at a desk in a plush corporate setting. Our peripatetic communicator was thus better positioned to get a handle on such issues as: Who works here? What does the company actually do? Which offices are stars and which are duds? Why do the finance people hate the issues experts? Who can I turn to when I really need to get the straight scoop?

Recommendation: If you work for an organization with far-flung operations, get out and visit the troops. There’s still a lot to be said for obtaining your MBWA—management by walking around.



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