New Video Features Media Interview Advice

Are you a media source who deals with reporters? I invite you to check out the latest video to debut on the Media Training page of the revamped web site. It could help you upgrade your interview skills.

The newly released piece is meant for executives and those who help prepare them for media interviews. In the video, I talk about techniques designed to improve interactions with reporters, emphasizing the importance of message, technique, and attitude.


Some highlights: A message needs to be a cohesive unit, spoken in plain language. As for technique, the more you practice, the better you get. And an attitude centered on opportunity gets executives closer to their organizational goals and career advancement ambitions.

Executives absorb information in different ways. Some prefer to watch. Others like to listen, discuss, or read. I’m adding short videos to the mix on for those who are visual learners.

These videos, typically one to two minutes in length, provide a solid jumping off point for executives seeking to improve their communications abilities when dealing with reporters, speaking in public, and petitioning policymakers. Of course, you can find additional resources that treat various communications training subjects in greater depth on the web site and right here on The Media Training Blog.

Stay tuned. Future videos will cover such issues as crafting a magnetic message, testifying before Congress, and the truth about public speaking.

Looking for advice on a particular subject? Want to see a video treatment of it? Chime in with your thoughts in the comments section below.


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