Building Your Own Thought Leadership Profile

Our thought leadership theme continues with another excerpt from my research report, “But Mom Told Me Never to Brag: Overcoming the Thought Leadership Hurdles.” Today we talk about your personal thought leadership efforts.

We’ve talked a lot over the past few weeks about thought leadership here on The Media Training Blog. Now comes time to decide how you want to use the three fundamental tools—speaking, writing, and research—to enhance your personal thought leadership résumé. One of the best routes is to ask colleagues for their opinions.

A personal story: I did just that a number of years ago, and, based on that trusted feedback, decided to place my eggs in the speaking and writing baskets. Research came into the picture for me a bit later. You may well find that you, too, add on various components as your career progresses. It was only after I had systems in place for speaking and writing that I turned to research. It happens that my education in political science—a discipline dependent upon research—helped in this area. Your background may steer you in another direction that suits you better. There is no one-size-fits-all template. Your approach will center upon some very personal decisions on the most appropriate thought leadership ventures for you.

One added thought: Don’t ignore your inner voice. Even if you’ve never considered your strengths in areas such as speaking, writing, and research, you have a sense of what you are good at and what you enjoy. And let me emphasize that last point. This should be a course of action in which you take some pleasure. After all, why bother hauling yourself out of bed in the morning to face a day filled with drudgery?



  1. Very affirming, Ed. Your unique personal perspective honed through experience makes your advice more than standard cliche. Thanks.

    1. Glad you found the information useful, Ray, and that you are part of our community here. Your comments are much appreciated.

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