Your Invitation to Check Out the New

It had been a few years since I last revamped my web site. As of today, it has a brand new and updated look. I invite you to stop by for a visit.

I’ve worked to make the redesigned web site valuable from the perspectives of my clients and other executives and communicators. For example, one of the new features is a series of hands-on articles that covers how to deal with reporters, speak in public, and approach policymakers. These changes underscore a commitment to providing executives with the messages and communications skills they need on a daily basis.

The web site of any communications training consultant should look at things from the client’s point of view. The days of web sites that were little more than glorified marketing brochures are gone. Knowledge is king, and the new reflects that new reality with content that will be kept fresh.

The inaugural articles on the site include:

  • “A Reporter Calls: How Do You Act?”
  • “Stop the Public Speaking Shakes”
  • “Making the Most of Your Five Minutes with the Senator”
  • “What Is Media Training?”

The site also includes useful research reports, position papers, and tip sheets. Also featured are links to The Media Training Blog (which you are reading right now) as well as a link to my book, The Truth About Public Speaking: The Three Keys to Great Presentations.

The new site retains information on my core services such as media training, presentation skills workshops, Congressional testimony preparation, and keynote speeches.

The changes also feature a responsive design, making the site viewer friendly not only on desktops, but on tablets and mobile devices, too. This responsive web presence keeps pace with the growing trend toward mobile viewing.

So come by and visit. I’d love to welcome you to the new community.


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