Building Relationships, One Block at a Time

Over the next few weeks, I’m featuring excerpts from my research report, “But Mom Told Me Never to Brag: Overcoming the Thought Leadership Hurdles.” Here’s our selection for today.

It is important to note that a content-oriented approach goes beyond selling a handful more widgets or signing a few additional consulting contracts. Certainly there would be no complaints from businesses that attained such results. However, the benefit of providing valuable content goes beyond a few random sales.

Rich content promotes you and your organization in a dignified way. Even Mom—who warned us never to boast—would likely approve.

Thought leadership leads to greater prestige for both your organization and your career. Take Joyce Bosc’s efforts as an example. She views the research her agency conducts as a pie. “We serve the whole pie in a white paper,” she says. “We divide the pie up into slices and blog them. We tweet bites about the blogs and the white paper. In some cases, we do events to share the research.”

Such an approach means more than a modest bump in sales. It creates an aura of the “go-to” authority. When a prospective buyer wants the best (and despite sometimes crimped budgets, who really doesn’t want the top of the line?), they will seek out the expert capable of answering questions they may not even know they had. The loser? The marketeer whose only goal is sell, sell, sell.

The heightened profile created by content marketing can lead to everything from more frequent quotes in newspaper articles to superior speaking engagements, from greater achievement of public policy objectives to higher professional fees.


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