How to Prepare Your Grassroots Advocates for Capitol Hill Visits

Capitol visitor centerWelcome back to our ongoing series to help you advance your public policy success when conducting Washington, D.C., fly-ins with your employees and members.

Advocates must be equipped and energized to deal with lawmakers. Let’s face it, this is not familiar territory for the vast majority of individuals. Most of us are more accustomed to dealing with customers, co-workers, or competitors than with people who practice politics every living moment.

The fact is too many leaders lack the necessary skills and are intimidated by the manners and morals of Capitol Hill. You owe your troops a solid education from their inside-the-Beltway experts and the consultants you bring on board to help you achieve your public policy objectives.

Confident, knowledgeable advocates prove capable of persuading members of Congress and other policymakers such as federal and state regulators, state legislators—even local government officials.

There is no one who delivers more of a punch than someone from back home (short of a well-heeled campaign contributor, of course). Grassroots visits to Capitol Hill have the power to deliver your message with impact. In simplest terms, two prime communications tools are required when climbing the Hill:

  1. A magnetic message that is consistent.
  2. The communications skills to deliver it.

If your Washington fly-in preparations focus on only two aspects, let it be those two.


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