Keep the Audience Perspective in Mind

Your syntax can help you in your efforts to connect with your audience. Here’s what I mean.

You may hear some speakers say, “We created this graphic.” That may be true. But the hard fact is your audience doesn’t particularly care what you created. They care how it affects them. Frame your remarks from the audience’s standpoint. Instead of talking about things from your viewpoint, say something to the effect, “As you can see here…”

Rather than lecture to your listeners by telling them, “I’d like to talk about…” try language like, “Let’s cover these issues today.”

Yes, these may be minor points in the grand scheme of things. Still, if you pile up enough of these minor points over the course of your presentation, before you know it you’ve accrued quite a stack of goodwill chits.

More of these seemingly small pointers to come. Until then, why not share some of your favorite advice for connecting with your audience?


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