The fact is your CEO is sometimes his own worst enemy. Part of the role of a trusted advisor involves delivering frank advice to a company’s leaders. If you need someone to lay the cards on the table in your workplace, consider hiring some outside help. Your issues could range from your CEO’s favorite lime […]

Some refer to it as “thought leadership,” others as “content marketing.” Regardless of your chosen term of art, reaching out to clients, customers, members, and other publics with expert, useful information is key to raising your professional profile. Some may argue this is little more than a novelty. Only time will tell. We won’t go […]

I often ask a series of questions when beginning to work with a client on their media strategy. One such inquiry is, “What is your opinion of reporters?” I find it particularly helpful in smoking out preconceived biases that can get in the way of successful transactions with the media. This allows us to adjust […]

Allow me to share with you one of my favorite quotes from Abraham Lincoln. Reflecting on one of his political opponents, Honest Abe said, “He can compress the most words into the smallest idea of any man I ever met.” Don’t let this fate befall your business. Here in the 21st century, you need to […]

Let’s talk about the boss (assuming she’s not looming over your shoulder as you read this). I mean the big kahuna—your CEO. Clients sometimes ask me to deliver frank advice to their leadership. The difficulties could range from your leader’s favorite garish tie he sports for every speaking engagement to a penchant for talking about […]

This may be a queasy memory for those of us who have taught teenagers how to drive. We all know that it’s more than a matter of putting them in the driver’s seat and turning them loose, or giving them one lesson and calling it quits. Imagine the carnage on our roads if we took […]

Let’s get in the Halloween spirit with a spooky tale of a presentation that would gross out even Freddy Krueger. The conference speaker in question scared the wits out of everyone in her audience when she took a restroom break, resulting the dreaded “oops” moment, Yup, she forgot to turn off her microphone. The Parade […]